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The tunnel freezer is primarily used to freeze flat food products, such as fish fillets, peeled shrimps, squids, dumplings, etc. The tunnel freezer is equipped with a hygienic and highly effective evaporator, which uses the newest liquid supply method, allowing for 20% higher heat exchange efficiency than traditional method.

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●Horizontal air flow, reversed air flow above and below the solid belt,Short air circulation distance, quick freezing, low product moisture loss.

Aluminum evaporator, high heat exchange rate.

The evaporator is located along the solid belt. Large face area, low frost build-up, long defrosting interval.

Water and hot gas defrosting ensures cleanness of the evaporator.

The door provides the access inside the enclosure. The walkway is provided along the belt as access for cleaning

Stainless steel enclosure skin at both sides, stainless steel enclosure frame.

Imported food grade high tensile stainless steel solid belt.

Dual elt drive at both infeed and outfeed side to prevent the belt from slipping or deflecting.

Belt washer is provided to maintain the cleanness of belt.



Single belt/ Twin belt

Belt width range


Enclosure length range

Solid belt type: 11.7ایم ایکس این ایم ایکس ایکس36.m, can be customized


Insulated enclosure with100mm thick polyurethane walls, interior lighting, and stainless steel skin. Fully welded enclosure اختیاری.


بیلٹ کی قسم

Food grade SS solid belt

infeed لمبائی

2کرنے 200 5000 mm,can be customized

باہر کی لمبائی

1200mm، اپنی مرضی کے مطابق کیا جا سکتا ہے

الیکٹریکل ڈیٹا

بجلی کی فراہمی

مقامی ملک وولٹیج

کنٹرول پینل دیوار

سٹینلیس سٹیل کنٹرول پینل

پر قابو رکھو

PLC کنٹرول ، ٹچ اسکرین ، حفاظت سینسر

ریفریجریشن ڈیٹا

refrigerant کے

فریون ، امونیا ، CO2


سٹینلیس سٹیل/aluminum tubes, aluminum fin and power fans

بخاریing عارضی


قیام کا وقت

Solid belt type: 3-60min adjustable

یہ سمندری غذا ، پیسٹری ، پھلوں کے گوشت اور تیار کھانے کے لئے خیال ہے۔