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Mesh Belt Impingement Frys


The impingement belt tunnel freezer is primarily used to freeze flat foods, making it a popular choice in the seafood industry to quickly freeze fish fillets, shelled shrimps, squids and more. It is equipped with a highly efficient and hygienic evaporator and uses the latest liquid supply method for a heat exchange efficiency that is 20% higher than the traditional methods. Compared to traditional methods, the food weight loss is lowered by more than 1.5%.

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●The mesh belt features a circular air duct design with a vertical symmetry in order to enhance the heat exchange effect.

The impingement belt tunnel freezer uses an imported cold storage insulated panel production line for panel production, which ensures a high degree of energy efficiency and outstanding reliability and quality.

The tunnel freezer is equipped with an intelligent central control system, automatic detection device and warning lights, which is easy for users to operate and maintain.

Impingement mesh belt tunnel CW1015/18 CW1415/18 CW1615/18 CW1815/18 CW2015/18 CW2215/18 CW2415/18 CW2615/18
Enclosure length L 10M 14M 16M 18M 20M 22M 24M 26M
Enclosure width W 3200mm / 3500mm
Nätbältets bredd Belt width 1500mm/1800mm, workable width 1400mm/1700mm
Kanalhöjd 30~70mm justerbar
Installerad ström 25kw 36kw 41kw 47kw 52kw 58kw 63kw 69kw
Antal. av fans 4 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

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