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Maea fusifusia Impingement pusa 'aisa


E masani lava ona faʻaaogaina le faʻaaisaisa o le alāvai e faʻafefe ai mea taumafa, e pei o iʻa, paluga, squids, dumplings, etc. Ona o le faʻaogaina o le ea, o le faʻaaisaisa o le eletise na maua ai le malosi ma le tele o faʻaoga i le gaosiga o mea taumafa.

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●The conveyor belt features a circular air duct design with a vertical symmetry in order to enhance the heat exchange effect.

Both ends of the infeed and outfeed are equipped with double drive devices to effectively prevent the conveyor belt from slipping.

Impingement band tunnel freezer uses an imported cold storage insulated panel production line for panel production, which ensures a high degree of energy efficiency and outstanding reliability and quality.

Impingement band tunnel freezer is equipped with an intelligent central control system, automatic detection device and warning lights, which is easy for users to operate and maintain.

Length of enclosure L10M14M16M18M20M22M24M26M
Solid belt widthBelt width 1500mm,workable width 1440mm
Channel height30~70mm adjustable
Malosiaga ua faʻaaoga26kw37kw43kw48kw54kw60kw65kw71kw
Qty. of fans46789101112

It is idea for seafood,pastry,fruits meat and prepared food.

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