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WA WF сериясындагы горизонталдуу плитка тоңдургуч


Such plate freezers can be used for freezing different products in trays, pans and boxes, suitable for seafoods, small-packed meat and other foods in blocks. The plates inside are placed horizontally so that  the products in trays or packs can be put on the plates for better freezing. 


●The refrigerant can be Freon, Ammonia or CO2

●Made out of sea water resistant Aluminum, food grade. The 25mm thick Square aluminum plate gives high strength, high corrosion resistance and thermal conductivity. The plate is automatic welded and has minimum deformation.

 The enclosure is insulated with one piece of Polyurethane foaming to ensure robust structure and minimize the cold loss by eliminating the joints.

The Square plate freezer’s enclosure is stainless steel. It can sustain the harsh marine environment and easy to clean.

PTFE Тешиксиз ийкемдүү Шланга Муундары, фланец же жип байланыштары. Шланг 304L дат баспас болоттон жасалган өрүм менен капталган.

◆ Буулантуу плитасынын эффективдүү көлөмү: 2020 × 1252 (мм)

◆Freezing area:25.2m2

◆Freezing capacity:1500kg/round (Based on 15kg/block, block dimension: 600mm×400mm×80mm)

◆Plate number: 10;  Freezing layer: 10

◆Plate clearance: 55mm — 108mm

◆Liquid supply: Pump

◆Max refrigeration load:46kw (Evaporative temp: -35℃, Condensing temp: +35℃)

◆Infeed temp: +20℃  Outfeed temp.:-18℃

◆Liquid line:φ38  Gas line:φ76

◆Hydraulic station:(1)Motor power of oil pump: 1.5kw(380V/50Hz)

         (2)Set press. of oil pump:5MPa

         (3)Flow of oil pump:10L/min

         (4)Hydraulic oil: #46; 68kg (customized)

◆Installed power:1.5kw

◆Overall dimension:3460mm(L)×1900mm(W)×2990mm(H)


Балыктарды, креветкаларды, этти, үй канаттууларын, даяр тамакты лотокторго же кутучаларга тоңдуруу идеалдуу. 

Канаттуулардан өндүрүлгөн азыктар