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  • кандытарскія вырабы

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When it comes to freezing poultry products such as the whole chicken, sliced chicken, turkey, the mesh belt tunnel freezer and spiral freezer produced by Square Technology are great choices. The freezer is suitable for processing in this industry and can be equipped with some sanitary equipment such as a CIP cleaning system, ADF air defrosting system and so on to satisfy the high-quality hygiene requirements and long-time continuous production modes of the poultry processing industry. As a reliable cold-chain device supplier of good poultry processing plants in China for many years, we have also built relationships with many transnational poultry industry giants such as TYSON, CP, Hormel, Cargill and so on.

кандытарскія вырабы

When processing and freezing dough, you can choose from the rack shelf plate freezer, mesh belt tunnel freezer, spiral system, spiral cooler and conveyor, dough fermentation equipment and so on produced by Square Technology. For steamed high-temperature foods, Square Technology can provide an entire service line for cooling and quick freezing. Square Technology first served industry giants in the traditional dough field such as Sanquan and Sinian. Later, according to the development of the dough industry, we introduced a solution for the production line of quick-freezing devices according to the needs of new product processing.


The baked-goods industry involves many different processes in order to serve their customers. These include baking, cooling and freezing the products such as cakes, breads, cookies, and so on. As to the fresh products, customers can find continuous fermentation equipment and spiral cooling and conveyor equipment produced by Square Technology. For frozen dough(non-proofed frozen dough, pre-awaken frozen dough, half-baked frozen dough, fully-baked frozen dough), the tunnel freezer and spiral freezer, the quick-freezing room and cold storage can be selected, and the mesh belt is optional, such as the metal mesh belt and the plastic mesh belt.

Instant/preserved food

In the processed-food industry, frozen devices are needed for the processing of many products such as meats, cheeses, seasoning packets, and marinated products. Square Technology can provide all sorts of freezing devices according to the processing needs of different types of products. Some customers with a long history of working with Square Technology in the processed-food field are: CP, Master Kong, Sunner, Zhou Heiya, Juewei and Anjoy.