Fluidized Bed Freezer
Fluidized Bed Freezer

Fluidized tunnel freezeris used to freeze small pieces of food, which can range from sliced or diced vegetables, fruits, and berries to meat, poultry, seafood such as small fish or shrimp, and small dairy products or cooked products. The freezer is equipped with a highly efficient and sanitary evaporator, using the latest liquid supply method, with a heat exchange 20% higher than traditional methods. We have two types: semi-fluidized and full-fluidized, which meets different product freezing application.

  • The fluidized tunnel freezer uses a food-grade stainless steel mesh belt, which is easy to clean and corrosion resistant.
  • It is equipped with a stainless steel centrifugal fan for an excellent cooling performance.
  • It is equipped with an impingement device for conveyor belt to ensure a single freezing efficiency of frozen products.
  • The fluidized tunnel freezer uses an imported cold storage insulated panel production line for panel production, which is both energy efficient and high quality.
  • The freezing equipment is equipped with an intelligent central control system, automatic detection device and warning lights, which is easy for users to operate and maintain.
Efficient Centrifugal Fan
We choose from a variety of high-efficiency fans to suit different scenarios.
Vibration Device
A variety of auxiliary devices for different products to enhance the freezing quality, keep the product separate and increase freezing capacity.
CIP Auto Cleaning System
Different cleaning modes are optional. Clean and disinfect the interior of the quick-frozen machine in all aspects to meet the sanitary requirements of food safety production.
Fully Welded Floor
The open structure design makes it easy to clean. Fully welded enclosure is available as option.
Fruit & Vegetable Products
Bakery Products
Prepared Meal

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