Plate Freezer
Plate Freezer

Plate freezers are commonly used for freezing brick-shaped products in mold or box. In plate freezers, refrigerant is allowed to circulate inside thin channels within the plates. The packaged products are frmly pressed between the plates. High rates of heat transfer can be obtained between the packaged product and the evaporating plates. We are proud to be the drafter of the China National Standard of Plate Freezer (GB /T22734-2008).

  • Made out of sea water resistantAluminum, food grade. The25mm thick Square aluminumplate gives high strength, highcorrosion resistance and thermalconductivity. The plate isautomatic welded and has minimum deformation.
  • The enclosure is insulated withone piece of Polyurethanefoaming to ensure robuststructure and minimize the coldloss by eliminating the joints.The plate freezer's enclosure isstainless steel. It can sustain theharsh marine environment.

Chinese Pastry
Fruits And Vegetables
Prepared Meal
Poultry Products
Convenient / Preserved Products

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