Self-Stacking Spiral Freezers Delivered amid Clouds of COVID-19
January 01, 1970566

On 15th June 2020, with the last container truck departed from its warehouse, Square Technology successfully delivered first two of the total 4 self-stacking freezers to Dachan Food (Taiwan). The remaining two self-stacking freezers are scheduled to be delivered in the next two weeks. The self-stacking spiral freezers are delivered in schedule without the impact of the COVID-19, thanks to Square Technology’s workers and engineers’ diligent efforts.

The Square Technology’s self-stacking spiral freezers are not only well-received by the Chinese clients, but also popular among the overseas customers. 2018-2019, multiple self-stacking spiral freezers had been installed and in full operation in three different processing plants of CP Foods Group in Thailand, who is the largest poultry processor in Asia. CP foods are very satisfied with the equipment’s quality including hygiene, reliability, easy maintenance, user friendly HMI operation and on time technical support.

To this day, Square Technology has delivered over 40 self-stacking spiral freezers, which are widely applied in a variety of industries, particularly in poultry, meat, ready meals, etc.

More about Dachan Group:

When Ho-jan Han founded Tai-Dong Mills, a small-scale processor of soybean oils and cakes, in 1957, he set in motion a vision that continues to drive Tai-Dong’s modern successor - the DaChan Great Wall Group.

For over half a century, the DaChan Great Wall Group has pursued its pioneering vision with honesty and humility. The group operates vertically integrated systems in poultry layerhogand aquaculture that fully control breeding, propagation, feed production, slaughtering, and final processing. The group is also growing its oil and flour business units and expanding steadily into the F&B sector and into realty management. Today, the DaChan Great Wall Group operates six business groups, including the Feed & Flour Business Group, Agri-Meat & Egg Business Group, Processed Food Business Group, Foodservice Business Group, Southeast Asia Business Group, and East Asia Business Group.

In line with strategic regionalization objectives, DaChan operates over 100 subsidiaries across its major markets in Taiwan, China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Myanmar and Cambodia.