Impingement Tunnel Freezer
Impingement Tunnel Freezer

The impingement freezer utilize high velocity air jets direct their force at the top and bottom of a food product to remove the air, or thermal barrier, surrounding the product surface. Once this barrier or layer of heat is removed it allows for faster freezing of the product. This operation helps to reduce processing times considerably, giving freezing times similar to those provided by cryogenic equipment. In addition, operating costs are similar to those of traditional mechanical equipment.

  • Faster freezing times result in smaller ice crystals, which mean less cellular damage to food products. The products are juicier, have better texture and exhibit less drip loss when thawed.
  • Harden the surface of food rapidly and lock the internal moisture, so minimized dehydration loss.
  • The short freezing time not only keeps the freshness and nutrition of food, but also provides a good freezing efficiency.
  • Energy saving and small footprint.
High efficiency centrifugal fan, which meets the needs of large air volume and high air speed. The fans structure is easy to clean and maintain. The fully-sealed motor runs smoothly and last long.
Efficient Evaporator
The design was simulated with European professional heat exchanger software. All tubes are expanded hydraulically rather than mechanically. More uniform expansion and tighter fit between tube and fins. Improved heat exhanging performance. Variable fin pitch used to delay the frost formation on the fins surface. Longer frosting interval. Easy access and cleaning Fin material: Aluminum, aluminum-magnesium alloy
Hygiene Design
Hygiene design, all stainless steel structural parts, fully welded, fully compliant with food processing hygiene practices.
Air Defrosting System
Remove frost from the evaporator fin surface in time during operation of the freezer. Ensure long and continuous operation of the freezer, reduce evaporator frosting and improve productivity.
Single belt/ Twin belt
Belt width range
Enclosure length range
Solid belt type: 11.7m-22.36m, can be customized
Insulated enclosure with100mm thick polyurethane walls, interior lighting, and stainless steel skin.Fully welded enclosureoptional.
Belt type
Food grade SS solid belt
Infeed length
2200 to 5000mm,can be customized
Outfeed length
1200mm, can be customized
Electrical Data
Power supply
Local country voltage
Control panel enclosure
Stainless steel control panel
PLC control, touch-screen, safetysensors
Refrigeration Data
Freon, Ammonia, CO2
Stainless steel/aluminum tubes, aluminum finand power fans
Dwell time
Solid belt type:3-60min adjustable
Chinese Pastry
Fruits And Vegetables
Prepared Meal

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