Case Studies
Mexico PATSA-Spiral Freezer With Plastic Modular Belt For Chicken Parts

The customer

Productos Agropecuarios de Tehuacán, S. DE R.L. DE C.V. (PATSA)is a Mexican company specialized in chicken processing. PATSA is the first and the only company in Mexico that feeds its chickens with only 100% vegetable ingredients. Their chickens receive a completely natural diet, based on ingredients such as: corn, sorghum and soybeans.

The requirement

The customer required a new spiral freezer to increase the freezing capacity in its processing plant inTehuacán, Puebla, Mexico.

Meanwhile, they requested the plastic modular belt instead of typical metal belt, as they had compliant on their current freezer for the breakage of chicken breast due to metal edge slide.


The solution:

Square worked together with PATSA to design a best spiral freezer with plastic modular conveyor.

Our engineering and application team tailor-made, installed and commissioned a single drum low tension spiral freezer with freezing capacity of 500kg/h whole chicken and chicken parts.

The spiral freezer features a 32-inch (813mm) wide plastic modular conveyor belt.


The Design:

This project features Square’s Remote Monitor and Diagnosis System (RMDS), which allows PATSA and Square monitor the running status of freezer with mobile applications available with Internet connection or wireless 4G/LTE.

Spiral Freezer with plastic modular belt has benefits of easy cleaning, provides products without marks.

MYCOM compressor and refrigeration plant with ASME certified is also working together spiral freezer for best match.