Self-Stacking Spiral Freezer (Gyrocompact) For Cp Foods, The Largest Poultry Processor In Asia

A self-stacking spiral freezer has been delivered to and installed in CP foods, the largest poultry processor in Asia. The self-stacking freezer has also equipped with CIP (clean in place) and ADF (air defrosting system). It can automatically clean the inside of the spiral freezer after each work shift, in order to keep the freezer meet the upmost hygiene standard for meat processing. The ADF blows pulses of pressurized high velocity repeatedly over the evaporator fins while the products continue to run in the freezer. The frost can not built up and the heat transfer efficiency is significantly improved. The self-stacking spiral freezer can freeze 1500 kg/hr fried chicken parts. Square Technology has been the IQF supplier to CP foods for 20 years. We have totally delivered more than 50 spiral and linear IQF freezers, refrigeration systems to more than 10 CP foods plants around China and Thailand.