Air Cooler
Air Cooler
  • This air cooler is ideal for the processing workshops which need to be air conditioned. It can keep the temperature of food processing area low.
  • The air circulation is smooth and uniform. The air circulates along the ceiling, so the workers are not exposed directly to the chilled air.
High volume, long air throw, low noise, energy-efficient Electrical heater provided to prevent frost Fan diameter: 250 to 910 mm EU energy-saving ERP compliant
Tube material: Copper, SS, Aluminum Fin material: Aluminum, Al-Mg alloy, copper Fin pitch: 4, 7, 10,12mm. DX or pump. Excellent cooling performance, optimal refrigerant circulation design
SS, powder coated Easy to clean: Unfoldable drip pan Safety:100%pressure tested
Options Combined defrosting
Air Conditioning
Data Center
Distribution Center
Food Storage
Mushroom Farm
Pharmacy Warehouse
Process Room
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