Tất cả danh mục
Tủ đông tấm ngang (với đơn vị máy nén)

Mặt hàng Thông số
Mô hình WF-1.2J
Kích thước bố trí 4350 × 1940 × 2950mm
Effective size of plate 2020×1252(L×W width mm)
Sản phẩm cấp đông Fish with 7.5kg/tray, tray size: 542mm×312mm×65mm
Đầu ra 1080kg/batch
No. of plates 13 horizontal plates, effective loading layers up to 12
Spacing between plates Maximum: 85mm, minimum: 40 mm
Công suất làm lạnh danh nghĩa 66.8KW (-30℃/+35℃)
làm lạnh NH3 / R404A / R507
Mô hình máy nén 6GE-34Y (2 sets)
Liquid supply mode Liquid supply by expansion valve
Máy ngưng tụ 25 ㎡Using high-efficiency copper pipe with the advantages of high corrosion resistance and good heat exchange )
Hydraulic station Hydraulic pump motor power: 1.5Kw,380V 50Hz Set pressure: 5MPa
Thông tin chi tiết sản phẩm

Horizontal plate freezer is suitable for block freezing of aquatic products like fish, shrimp, small packed meat, etc. The plates are placed horizontally while the products in trays or packs will be put on the plates for freezing. The plate freezer can be equipped with piston or screw compressor unit, which features low noise, small floor space occupation, high efficiency and easy operation, etc.

Notes: These parameters are subject to change according to different products and freezing requirements.

Tính năng, đặc điểm1. The freezer enclosure adopts a high-intensity frame structure to ensure that the frame does not deform under high pressure. It is constructed with polyurethane foam material, which has good insulation performance, and the outside and inside of the freezer body is also made of stainless steel, the surface presents a smooth and beautiful appearance.

2. The evaporative plate adopts extruded magnesium-aluminum alloy, which has the advantages of good thermal conductivity and high resistance to corrosion. The evaporative plate uses the American MILLER argon shielded arc welding machine to weld, the quality is good and the device has small deformation.

3. The horizontal plate freezer can be equipped with Bitzer screw or piston compressor unit, delivering high refrigeration efficiency.

4. The horizontal plate freezer can be cooled with Ammonia or Freon refrigerant according to client's requirement. We equip the freezer with compressor unit for Freon use.

Phạm vi tùy chỉnh
  • 1. Chúng tôi có thể thiết kế và sản xuất sản phẩm phi tiêu chuẩn theo các điều kiện khác nhau của thực phẩm đông lạnh và yêu cầu của khách hàng.
  • 2. Production capacity can be selected from 1000 kg/batch to 2000 kg/batch.
  • 3. The length of the evaporative plate is optional from 1520mm to 2520mm.
  • 4. The evaporation plate width can be chosen from 1252, 1459, and 1666mm.
  • 5. The number of evaporative plates is from 10 to 15 pieces.
  • 6. The layer spacing can be customized according to the user's actual product thickness.
  • 7. We can use both pump and expansion valve mode for liquid supply of the system.
  • 8. The expansion valve liquid supply is available with or without a refrigeration unit.
  • 9. We can equip the freezer with Copeland, Bitzer screw or piston compressor unit. expansion valve liquid supply is available with or without a refrigeration unit.
  • 10. We can use water-cooled or air-cooled condensing unit for refrigeration system.
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