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Făcător de gheață din fulgi

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Model TFB-7J
Dimensiune 2160×2160×3660mm(With ice storage room)
Flaked ice temperature -5℃~-8℃
Flaked ice thickness 1.5 ~ 2mm
Ice making capacity 7000kg/24h
Ice storage capacity 7m³
refrigerent NH3 / R404A / R507
Capacitate nominală de refrigerare 48.5KW(-25℃/+30℃)
Compressor model 6FE-44Y-40P
  • Detalii produs
Detalii produs

The flake ice maker will directly freeze fresh water that comes into the ice-making evaporator cylinder, and the flaked ice will be continuously peeled into the ice storage room using a high hardness stainless steel hob cutter. We offer a variety of specifications, as well as a complete set of ice making systems and related accessory equipment, such as an automatic ice feeding system, automatic ice delivery system, ice storage room and more.

TNotes:These parameters are subject to change based on different products and processes.

Gama personalizată
  • 1. We can customize and manufacture ice making machines according to different food conditions and customer requirements.
  • 2. Users can choose a variety of production capacities, ranging from 3500 kg/24h to 16000 kg/24h.
  • 3. The liquid supply mode can be divided into pump liquid supply and expansion valve supply.
  • 4. The expansion valve is available with or without a refrigeration unit.
  • 5. Customers can choose to have an ice storage room equipped on the ice maker.
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