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The low-tension spiral freezer with single drum produced by Square Technology is applicable to individual quick frozen of granulated and small-piece food. However, the large-scale freezing devices of which also apply to individual quick frozen of large-sized frozen food such as the prepared meals, whole chickens, whole fish and so on. The height of infeed and outfeed position is adjustable in the low-tension spiral freezer to match the production lines of customers before and after, and it can also be supplied with matched conveyors.

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●The spiral freezer is equipped with a high efficiency sanitary evaporator, using the latest liquid supply method, which makes the heat exchange efficiency more than 20% higher than the traditional freezers.

oThe spiral freezer uses a symmetrical and smooth circular air duct design which enhances the heat exchange effect.

oWe equip with food-grade stainless steel mesh belt and plastic modular belt with the spiral freezer according to different requirements of various products.

oThe spiral freezer is equipped with an intelligent central control system, automatic detection and alarm light device, which is convenient for users to operate and maintain.



مجرد ډول

Cage dia.

1620 ته 5800mm


2 to 40 tiers

افشاء کول

· Insulated enclosure with125mm / 150mm thick polyurethane walls, interior lighting, stainless steel skin. Fully welded enclosure optional.





Food grade SS mesh belt or modular plastic belt

د سور

له 520 څخه تر 1372 ملي میتر پورې

Infeed length

500 ته 4000 mm

Outfeed length

500 ته 4000 mm

بریښنا ډاټا

د بریښنا د رسولو

Local country voltage

Control panel enclosure

Stainless steel control panel

د کنټرول

PLC control, touch-screen, safety میټره

Refrigeration Data


Freon, Ammonia, CO2


Stainless steelaluminum tubes, aluminum fin, variable fin pitches, long throw fans

Evaporatد ټکی

-40℃ to -45℃

Dwell time

to 200 min adjustable

د آبیاتو محصولات

Poultry Products

Pastry Products

د بیکري محصولات

Prepared Meals

Convenient / Preserved Products

Ice Cream Products

Fruit & Vegetable Products