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The shelf plate freezer produced by Square Technology can quickly freeze many types of products, such as fish and shrimp, shellfish, vegetables, split meat, split poultry, and many small-package frozen foods. The plates are placed horizontally like shelves while the layer spacing is fixed. Products will be put on the shelf plate for freezing. Different from standard horizontal plate freezers, its bigger size can be designed for higher freezing capacity.

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●It is a combination of blast freezer and contact freezer. The product contact the refrigerated aluminum plate at its downside, while the fans blows chilly air flow through the top and sides of the product.

oThe plate is made of marine grade aluminum. The refrigerant travels through the multiple ducts inside the aluminum plate. The plate is light, strong, corrosion resistant and good in thermal conductivity.

oThe frame is hot-dip galvanized steel, highly corrosion-resistant.

oتړل د Polyurethane فوم کولو یوې ټوټې سره انسول شوی دی ترڅو ډاډ ترلاسه شي قوي جوړښت او د مفصلونو له مینځه وړلو سره د ساړه زیان کم کړئ.

◆Freezing capacity:>3000kg/batch(Based on: 15Kg/block, block dimension: 600mm×400mm×80mm)

Plate number:10  Freezing layers:10

Plate freezing area:5500mm×1200mm

Plate clearance:144mm;  Net clearance:110mm


Liquid supply: Pump

Refrigeration load:105kw (+35℃/-35℃) (With air cooler)

Infeed temp.:+20℃  Outfeed temp.:-18℃

Air velocity between plates:2m/s

Overall dimension:8520mm(L)×2115mm(W)×2360mm(H)

●It is ideal for individually freezing fish, shrimps, ready meal, poultry and other small packaged .

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