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VPF serie verticalis laminam freezer


Verticalis laminam obstructionum of various immensis avidos satiate velox ad idoneam est freezer cibis ut pisces, squilla, cibum products, pet cibum, etc. Hoc est late usus in multis agros, ut seafood processus, offshore piscantur, tritum cibum processui et pet gelida cibum processui.


◆Quick loading and unloading. Unlike the horizontal plate freezer which needs human
labors to pack the product in the trays, workers can pour down the bulk product
directly into the space between plates. After the product is frozen, the frozen blocks will
be lifted up from the plates by hydraulic forks.
The vertical plate freezer is very energy efficient due to its short freezing time.
frame is made of seawater resistant hot-dip galvanized steel. The stainless steel
frame is also available as options.
The plate surface is smooth and the fork is coated with PTFE to prevent product
damage or scratch.
The freezer can work with Freon, Ammonia or CO2.

C × VPF2028272492163512958101340
C × VPF2533423007163512958101340
C × VPF2634453110163512958101340
C × VPF3241033768163512958101340
C × VPF1222401905163512958101340
C × VPF1627522417163512958101340
C × VPF2033272992163512958101340
C × VPF2539673632163512958101340
C × VPF2640953760163512958101340
C × VPF3249034568163512958101340

*Infeed temperature: +15℃, outfeed temperature: -18℃, freezing temperature: -35℃, freezing time based on freezing whole fish

*The specification is subjective to change without notice, please contact salesman before placement of order.

*Tailored design is available for special requirement.

The vertical plate freezer is used to freeze products in blocks on the fishing vessels or on land. It is suitable for the bulk foods like fish, meat and vegetables, or liquid food like juice, milk, pulp etc.

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