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WF (J) 시리즈 플레이트 냉동기 (냉장 장치 포함)


Such plate freezers can be used for freezing different products in trays, pans and boxes, suitable for seafoods, small-packed meat and other foods in blocks. The plates inside are placed horizontally so that the products in trays or packs can be put on the plates for better freezing. The plate freezer can be equipped with piston or screw compressor unit, which features low noise, small floor space occupation, high efficiency and easy operation, etc.

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The refrigerant can be Freon, Ammonia or CO2 u 내해수성 알루미늄, 식품 등급으로 제작되었습니다. 25mm 두께의 정사각형 알루미늄 판은 고강도, 높은 내식성 및 열 전도성을 제공합니다. 플레이트는 자동 용접되며 변형이 최소화됩니다.

인클로저는 견고한 구조를 보장하고 조인트를 제거하여 냉기 손실을 최소화하기 위해 한 조각의 폴리우레탄 발포로 단열됩니다.

The Square plate freezer’s enclosure is stainless steel. It can sustain the harsh marine environment and easy to clean.

PTFE Leak-free flexible Hose Joints, flanged or thread connections. The hose is covered with 304L stainless steel braid. u Equipped with built-in Germany BITZER compressor unit.

Pre-assembled, no field installation required, easy to clean and service.

WF-1J, 11 stations

◆Effective size of evaporation plate:2020×1252(mm)

Effective product area:27.7m2)

Plates number:12

Plate clearance: from 46mm to 95mm

Refrigeration capacity:71.1kw

Refrigerant filling capacity :R404A 80Kg

Refrigeration unit: Two 6G-30.2Y( 비저) 22Kw × 2

iquid supply method: Danfoss TX valve

Condenser: Shell        ube heat exchanger, corrosion resistant copper tubes

유압 스테이션 :

1)Oil pump motor power:1.5kw 380V/50Hz

2)Oil pump set pressure:5MPa

3)Oil pump flux:10L/min

4)Hydraulic oil:No.46 hydraulic mechanic oil 68kg(Optional)

Overall dimensions:4350(l)×1950(w)×2950(h)

무게 : 5400kg

생선, 새우, 육류, 가금류, 즉석 식사를 쟁반이나 상자에 담아 냉동하는 것이 이상적입니다. 

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