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מקפיא צלחות אופק ימי מסדרת HPF

סקירה כללית

This kind of horizontal plate freezer is especially designed for marine use. Such freezers can be used for freezing different products in trays, pans and boxes, suitable for seafoods, small-packed meat and other foods in blocks.

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● It can be used either onshore or offshore.

● The refrigerant can be Freon, Ammonia or CO2

● Made out of sea water resistant Aluminum, food grade. The 25mm thick Square aluminum plate gives high strength, high corrosion resistance and thermal conductivity. The plate is automatic welded and has minimum deformation.

● The Square plate freezer’s enclosure is stainless steel. It can ensure the harsh marine environment and easy to clean.

● PTFE Leak-free flexible Hose joints, flanged or thread connections. The hose is covered with 304L stainless steel braid.

MאודלLWHמספר סימוכיןLWHMאודלLWH
× 2020× 2520
× 2020× 2520
× 1520× 2020× 2520
× 1520× 2020× 2520
× 1520× 2020× 2520

× 1520× 2020

× 1520× 2020

× 1520

Thickness of evaporative plates: 25mm; Distance between plates: 40-90mm

* המפרט סובייקטיבי לשינוי ללא הודעה מוקדמת, אנא צרו קשר עם איש המכירות לפני ביצוע ההזמנה.

* עיצוב מותאם זמין לדרישה מיוחדת.

It is ideal to freeze fish, shrimps, meat, poultry, ready meal in trays or boxes. 

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