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    Advanced manufacturing facilities like laser cutter, CNC punching machine, plate former, insulated panel production line and auto welder etc. guarantee quality products. Most main parts are manufactured by professional workers in the workshop.


    Innovation is the Spirit of SQTEG through its course. By collecting application data, the engineering team develops new products that suit various needs of customers and the market. By setting R&D center in USA and closely cooperating with universities and research institutes, SQTEG adopts the latest freezing design ideas and technologies. With heavy investment on the research and the application experience we learnt from industry, the company keeps upgrading products and leading the industry.


    SQTEG not only supplies quality products, but also quality service, creating greater value for customers. The company set offices and service centers in main domestic cities and some service centers overseas, serving customers worldwide. Unique “4S” Client Service idea in the industry , that is Spare part, Sales, Survey and Service. By building and updating service mode, we keep offering quality service and create greater value for the customers.

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