નવું S40 સેલ્ફ-સ્ટેકીંગ (ગાયરોકોમ્પેક્ટ) સર્પાકાર ફ્રીઝર ઓમાનને પહોંચાડવા માટે તૈયાર છે

2021-05-20 66


We are delighted to deliver the S40 Self-stacking (gyrocompact) spiral freezer to our poultry processing client in Oman . The newly released S40 model is the smallest in our self-stacking spiral freezer family. It is a compact freezer design with small foot print and 440mm wide belt, while still achieves relatively large freezing capacity up to 800 kg/hr of meat and poultry product. The design meets the highest hygiene standard featuring CIP(clean-in-place) system. The S40 freezer has also comprise air defrosting system (ADF) that constantly blow the frost off the evaporator during production, which extends the continues production up to 48 hours without defrosting.

It is our fourth spiral freezer for frozen meat product in Middle East in the past year. We will continue to support our clients in meat processing industry with the state of art products.

For more information, please visit our Youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCt36nXhL2UM0RrrKvr7gzMw

and send enquiries to by email ntfe@ntsquare.com.


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