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The mesh belt tunnel freezer is used to achieve a quick freeze process for granular small pieces of food, and prepared food, such as whole chicken or fish. This freezer can be positioned at the front or back of other client processing lines.

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●Features vertical air baffle, efficient axle flow fan, intermittent air impingement technology, 20%~30% efficiency increase than traditional air flow.

The evaporator uses large fins, which provide efficient heat exchange.

Water and /or hot gas defrosting ensures cleanness of the evaporator.

PU insulated enclosure, excellent insulation performance. Stainless steel enclosure skin at both sides.

The mesh belt is driven by sprocket; high strength chains and sprockets, which ensures long service life.

Efficient belt washer is provided to ensure the cleanness of the stainless steel mesh belt.

Belt speed stepless adjustable with inverter suitable for various products freezing.



Single belt/ Twin belt

Belt width range


Enclosure length range

Mesh belt type: 10m-30m, can be customized


Insulated enclosure with 125mm thick polyurethane walls, interior lighting, and stainless steel skin. Fully welded enclosure اختیاری.


نوع کمربند

کمربند مش توری SS

طول را تغذیه کنید

1250mm,can be customized

طول غذا را تغذیه کنید

920mm, can be customized

داده های برق

منبع تغذیه

ولتاژ کشور محلی

محفظه صفحه کنترل

صفحه کنترل فولاد ضد زنگ


کنترل PLC ، صفحه لمسی ، ایمنی سنسور

داده های برودتی


فرون ، آمونیاک ، CO2

سیم پیچ

فولاد ضد زنگ/aluminum tubes, aluminum fin and power fans

اواپراتنشستند دما


وقت بخیر

Mesh belt type: 3-60 دقیقه قابل تنظیم است

این ایده برای غذاهای دریایی ، شیرینی ، گوشت میوه ها و غذاهای آماده است.