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Congelador en espiral


The spiral freezer is ideal for quick freezing various foods, including meat, poultry, seafoods, ready meal, pizza, boxed ice cream. We deliver over 200 spiral freezer delivered each year, more than anybody else. There are over 2000 spiral freezers installed.

The open design of the structure is 100% accessible for cleaning and maintenance.

Several cleaning modes are pre-programed in the computerized control system. The automatic CIP system (clean in place) is available as option to save the cleaning labor and time.

Insulated enclosure can be either fully-welded (optional) or groove-tongue caulked, providing excellent insulation and water proof.

All spiral freezers are custom designed to meet the customer’s unique designs. Freezing capacity ranges from 200kg to 10000kg/hr.


* Freeze a wide variety of products at high production rates.

* Low cost per pound with air freezing and mechanical refrigeration.

* Low footprint high freezing capacity.

* Menor costo por libra.

* Correa de velocidad variable e indicadores de tiempo de proceso.

* Metal or plastic belting.

* Largos intervalos entre desescarches para un procesamiento ininterrumpido.

* Responsabilidad de fuente única para el diseño y el rendimiento.

* Congelación en línea para producción continua.

* Control preciso del proceso.

* Mayor eficiencia con -40 F de temperatura de refrigeración.

* Clean system with belt washing and drying for improved sanitation.

* Proven heavy duty design.

* Sequential defrost increases production.

Meat, poultry, bakery productd, seafoods, ready meal, pastry products, boxed ice cream etc.