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Цвёрдапалосны тунэльны маразільнік

Тавары параметры
тып SBD2-500
вымярэнне 18000 × × 2500 2720mm
Frozen products пельмені
магутнасць 500KG/h
Infeed temperature + 25 ℃
Outfeed temperature -18 ℃
Refrigeration consumption 80KW
халадзільным NH3/R404A/R507
Freezing time 4-40min
Infeed conveyor length 2200mm
шырыня стужкі 1200mm
Устаноўленая магутнасць 18KW
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больш падрабязна

The tunnel freezer is primarily used to freeze flat food products, such as fish fillets, peeled shrimps, squids, dumplings, etc. The tunnel freezer is equipped with a hygienic and highly effective evaporator, which uses the newest liquid supply method, allowing for higher heat exchange efficiency than traditional method by 20%.

Notes:These parameters are subject to change based on different products and processes.

Асаблівасці1. The double-drive device is used at both ends of the infeed and outfeed in order to effectively prevent the conveyor belt from slipping.

2. We use the cold storage insulated panel production line to manufacture the panel. The material selection is of the best possible quality, so that we can guarantee the high quality and outstanding performance of the freezing equipment.

3. The tunnel freezer is equipped with an intelligent central control system and automatic detection device which are both easy for users to operate and maintain.

Спецыяльны асартымент
  • 1. We can design and manufacture the tunnel freezer according to different frozen food conditions and customer requests.
  • 2. The production capacity ranges between 300kg/h and 700kg/h.
  • 3. The stainless steel belt has a width of 1200mm.
  • 4. The infeed and outfeed conveyor can be chosen according to customer's requirements.
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