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Каробкавая маразільная каробка

Тавары параметры
тып RSF0135
Freezing product мяса
Feeding method Packed in cartons
Carton size (maximum) 600x400x190 (мм)
Weight/carbon 25kg
Паддоны 35 pieces,10 layers/each
паддон памер 3020x650x2875 (мм)
магутнасць 2100 cartons,about 52t
Заражаная тэмпература +12℃ (center)
Перавышэнне тэмпературы -15℃ (center)
Temperature inside -32~-35℃
Expected freezing time ≤36h
Infeed speed (maximum) 10 cartons/min
Enclosure panel thickness 200mm
Устаноўленая ёмістасць 138kw
Выдатак халадзільніка 265kw
халадзільным NH3 / R404A / R507
Defrosting method Defrosting by water
Interior structure part 304 stainless steel, Q345D hot-dip galvanizing
габарыт 18.14x9x8.15 (m)
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The carton box freezer is used to freeze products in carton boxes and trays. Frozen foods generally include poultry and pork, as well as seafood products, ice cream, fruits and vegetables. The weight of one-piece goods generally ranges between several kilograms and dozens of kilograms.

Compared to a traditional quick freezer, the carton box freezer uses a fully automatic operation, and covers only a small area that saves 2/3 more space. Due to the fact that the infeed mode is feeding a little at a time, the inside temperature of the freezer remains constant, with a fast freezing speed, and a high freezing quality. The carton box freezer is applicable for continuous production, as well as use as a cold storage room.

Notes:The above parameters are set based on freezing of 25kg/carton cut of meat. These parameters are subject to change based on different products and processes.

Асаблівасці1. The freezer is automatically operated, controlled by PLC. It costs less labor during infeed and outfeed operation.

2. Air curtain devices set at infeed and outfeed, results in less cold loss.

3. Cartons move continuously along running direction in freezing area. Every pallet will pass the whole freezing process in set time with an even freezing speed.

4. The floor base of the freezer is an integral welding sink that is leak resistant.

5. We can equip frost protection heating system for concrete, and the electrical heating wire can be changed.

6. The carton box freezer is equipped with a high-efficiency evaporator, and the evaporation efficiency is 30% higher than that of a normal freezer. Different sets of evaporators equipped and defrost in turn, guarantees a longer dwell time non-stop for defrosting.

7. There are separate drainage tanks at the bottom of the evaporator, and the draining pipe of drainage tank is equipped with a heater to ensure the defrosted water easily discharges.

8. Unique convection circulating air duct design with better heat exchanging efficiency.

9. The freezer is fully automatic under PLC control, and the infeed and outfeed processes are done completely via conveyor with no need for manual labor. Auto detecting system and alarms are equipped for convenient operation and maintenance.

Спецыяльны асартымент
  • 1. Мы можам распрацаваць і вырабіць маразілку на аснове розных умоў замарожанай ежы і патрабаванняў заказчыка.
  • 2. The production capacity ranges between 1.4t / h ~ 2.8t / h.
  • 3. The number of carriers ranges between 35 and 44.
  • 4. Infeed and outfeed conveyors can be chosen according to customer requirements.
  • 5. The location and direction of infeed and outfeed are chosen according to customer requirements and site restrictions.
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