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Самастойная кладка спіральнай маразілкі

Тавары параметры
мадэль STF7624
Вымярэнне макета 8902 × × 4798 4585mm
Замарожаныя прадукты 150g chicken drumsticks
выхад 1.5 T/h
Заражаная тэмпература + 15 ℃
Перавышэнне тэмпературы -18 ℃
Выдатак халадзільніка 200 кВт
халадзільным NH3 / R404A / R507
Час замарожвання 22.5 90 мін
Mesh belt layers 24 пласты
Total mesh belt width 760 мм
Mesh belt effective width 715 мм
Layer pitch 80 м
Allowed product height (max.) 65 мм
Belt length per layer 13.1 м
Belt area per layer 7.7 ㎡
Устаноўленая магутнасць 46 кВт

Notes:The above parameters are set based on freezing of 1.5T chicken drumsticks (150 g) per hour. These parameters are subject to change according to different products and freezing requirements.

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больш падрабязна

The self-stacking spiral freezer produced by Square Technology applies to individual quick frozen of granulated and blocked food, such as the hot-pot spices, meatballs, hamburger cakes, fried chicken nuggets, fish and other cooked food and small-package food. The self-stacking spiral freezer is fed from a low point and discharges from a high position, which can be paired with your front and rear processing lines, and it is easy to use.

Асаблівасці1. The evaporator of the self-stacking spiral freezer is made of aluminum alloy and stainless steel. It features a finned design, which is optimal for preventing the growth of bacteria. The reasonable arrangement of the evaporation pipes, high flange and variable fin pitch design can make the airflow of the device smooth while running, and is not easy to frost.

2. The self-stacking spiral freezer can be equipped with a centrifugal fan, the windward area of which is large, and the freezing distance is short, making a perfect freezing effect. The cells of the frozen food are less-damaged, and the water loss is lower after defrosting, which ensures the taste of the food remains unchanged.

3. The spiral freezer is equipped with an intelligent central control system, automatic detection and alarm light device, which is convenient for users to operate and maintain.

4. The compact and efficient internal design of the freezing equipment minimizes the space required for maximum freezing capacity.

5. The self-stacking spiral freezer needs minimal support, which saves material usage, reduces bacteria, and facilitates customer maintenance and cleaning.

6. It is equipped with a CIP automatic cleaning system, which can be used to clean and disinfect the interior of the freezer, making the equipment meets the hygienic requirements of safe foodstuffs.

Спецыяльны асартымент
  • 1. Мы можам распрацаваць і вырабіць нестандартны прадукт у адпаведнасці з рознымі ўмовамі замарожанай ежы і запытамі кліентаў.
  • 2. The production capacity is from 1T/h to 6T/h.
  • 3. The mesh belt width is available for 660mm, 760mm, and 1060mm.
  • 4. The number of mesh belt layers is optional from 24 to 40 layers.
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