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Our refrigeration units. We will also offer cold chain integration solutions to meet any customer requirements. The main components of our refrigeration unit, as well as the overall system are sourced from well-known names from both at home and abroad. We pride ourselves on offering a full array of high quality services, including system selection, design, manufacturing, installation, inspection, acceptance, maintenance, technical support, and more.

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Parameter 1: MAYEKAWA single- and two-stage screw compressor

Using MYCOM selection software, it has been determined that the COP of MAYEKAWA single- and two-stage MCF2016LS screw compressors is 1.77, which is suitable for frozen industries below -40 ˚C.

Асаблівасці1. Application of the MYCOM and high-efficiency rotor profile (O type)

2. The refrigeration unit is equipped with an efficient oil cooler.

3. The refrigeration unit features a three-stage high-efficiency oil separator and has been awarded a national patent: patent number ZL201410035625.1.

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