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Low Tension Spiral Freezer (single drum)

Freezing productsChicken nuggets
Infeed temperature+8℃
Outfeed temperature-4℃
Refrigeration consurnption720KW
Freezing time25-120min
Spiral layers32 layersx1
Drum diameter4550mm
Mesh belt width1372mm
Mesh belt length776m
Effective layer pitch85mm
Installed power120KW

Notes:The above parameters are set based on freezing of 7000kg chicken nuggets per hour. These parameters are subject to change according to different products and freezing requirements.

Product Details

The low-tension spiral freezer with single drum produced by Square Technology is applicable to individual quick frozen of granulated and small-piece food. However, the large-scale freezing devices of which also apply to individual quick frozen of large-sized frozen food such as the prepared meals, whole chickens, whole fish and so on. The height of infeed and outfeed position is adjustable in the low-tension spiral freezer to match the production lines of customers before and after, and it can also be supplied with matched conveyors.

Features1. The spiral freezer is equipped with a high efficiency sanitary evaporator, using the latest liquid supply method, which makes the heat exchange efficiency more than 20% higher than the traditional freezers.

2. The spiral freezer uses a symmetrical and smooth circular air duct design which enhances the heat exchange effect.

3. We equip with food-grade stainless steel mesh belt and plastic modular belt with the spiral freezer according to different requirements of various products.

4. The spiral freezer is equipped with an intelligent central control system, automatic detection and alarm light device, which is convenient for users to operate and maintain.

Custom Range
  • 1. We can design and manufacture non-standard products according to different conditions of the frozen food and customer requests.
  • 2. The production capacity can be selected from 200 kg/h to 10000 kg/h.
  • 3. Drum diameter is available from 1200mm to 4550mm.
  • 4. The lifting or lowering conveyors can be chosen for the spiral freezer, and the infeed and outfeed conveyors are optional according to the needs of the customer.
  • 5.  Location and direction of the infeed and outfeed conveyor can be selected according to customer requirements and site restrictions.
  • 6. Fully welded enclosure structure is optional.
  • 7. The spiral freezer can be optionally equipped with a CIP automatic cleaning system.
  • 8. The spiral freezer can be optionally equipped with an ADF air defrost system.
  • 9. The spiral freezer can be optionally equipped with a continuous defrosting system.

Recommended Applications



Fruit and vegetable



Instant/preserved Food


Prepared Meal