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Vertical Plate Freezer (with compressor unit)

Layout dimension4090×1635×1340mm
Frozen block size525×525×100(length×width×thickness mm)
Freezing product20 kg/piece(Whole fish)
Number27 plates, effective layers 26
Spacing between layersMaximum: 106mm, minimum: 100 mm
Feed and outfeed temperatureFeed temperature:+15℃;Outfeed temperature: -18℃
Freezing time200min
Freezing cycle time220min
Liquid supply modeLiquid pump recirculation
Defrosting methodHot gas defrosting
Liquid supply and suction pipe dia.Refrigerant liquid supply: φ42mm, return air: φ89mm
Product Details

The vertical plate freezer is suitable for the quick freezing of various block foods, such as fish, shrimp, meat products, pet food, etc. It is widely used in many fields such as seafood processing, offshore fishing, minced meat processing, and pet food freezing processing.

Notes: These parameters are subject to change according to different products and freezing requirements.            

Features1. The frame structure of freezer is made of hot-dip galvanized material which has the advantage of corrosion resistance. This material guarantees the freezer suitable for both marine use and land use.

2. The freezing plate adopts the material of extruded magnesium-aluminum alloy, which has the advantages of light weight, good thermal conductivity and high resistance of corrosion.

3. The hydraulic manifold block adopts the plug-in valve core produced by American Rubber Company to effectively ensure the smooth lifting of the evaporative plate.

4. All sealing elements of the oil cylinder adopts high-quality seals. The seals at the site of cylinder head have deicing copper rings, which make the cylinders have long lifespan and without leakage.

Custom Range
  • 1. We can design and manufacture the non-standard product according to different conditions of the frozen food and customer requests.
  • 2. Production capacity can be selected from 1000 kg/batch to 5000 kg/batch.
  • 3. The length of the evaporative plate is optional from 2100mm to 5500mm.
  • 4. The evaporative plate width can be chosen from 1200, 1400, and 1600mm.
  • 5. The number of evaporation plates is from 10 to 15 pieces.
  • 6. The layer spacing can be customized according to the height of the frozen product.
  • 7. We can use both pump and expansion valve mode for liquid supply of the system.
  • 8. We  can equip the freezer with all-in-one compressor unit or separate compressor unit which will be installed in the machine room.

Recommended Applications



Fruit and vegetable



Instant/preserved Food


Prepared Meal