A New Pre-assembled Penthouse Refrigeration System Completed
January 01, 1970570

Square Technology released its new refrigeration system on June 1,2020. This full-featured refrigeration system is 100% preassembled in a fully enclosed frame before delivery. It has almost eliminated the field pipe connection work, except the connection between the refrigeration system and the evaporative condenser, which will be mounted on the top of the frame. This state of art design features the following highlights:

Space saving. Compact design, all equipment and pipes are enclosed in the paneled frame by ingenious design

Investment saving. No additional refrigeration room is needed to be built. Save construction cost. The enclosure is weather proof. No additional structure or roof is required.

Field installation cost and time saved. All components are pre-assembled and pipes are pre-connected. The customer only needs to connect three pipes between the condenser and refrigeration system in the field.

Energy-saving. Up to 20% of electricity can be saved as the inverter is used to reduce the motor power steplessly and in real time in response to the actual refrigeration load.

Climate control. Fans are fitted to provide forced ventilation and keep the inside temperature within operational range. The lights are provided inside the enclosure.

Doors are provided at all sides of the enclosure to allow full access for the service of the refrigeration system.

Tailored to various needs. The system can be custom-designed to meet customer’s various needs, including different compressor models, refrigeration load, refrigerant, etc.