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Fruit & Vegetable Processing Line

Using the 1000 kg/h Soy bean production line as an example

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Foam cleaning lifting conveyor1
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Vibrating drainer1
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We supply complete processing lines for the freezing of granular, sliced or diced fruit and vegetable products. We offer pre-processing lines according to a wide range of processing requirements and utilize our fluidized tunnel freezer to complete the freezing process.

Flow and equipment of fruit and vegetable pre-processing line

Lifting conveyor → Brush cleaner → Foam cleaning lifting conveyor → Blancher → Normal water chiller → Ice water chiller → Vibrating drainer → Lifting drier → Vibrating feeder → Fluidized freezer

1. Lifting ConveyorTo lay the products evenly while moving on the conveyor. Mainly composed of a stainless steel belt, reducer with motor with installed power of 0.37KW.

2. Brush cleanerMainly to remove hair, fiber, weeds, vegetable roots etc. Main structure: brush roller, motor and driver, etc. installed power of 0.55KW.

3. Foam cleaning lifting conveyorThe foam cleaning lifting conveyor is for primary cleaning of products. Vegetables are delivered into the water tank by stainless steel mesh belt. When conveying the products, the foam from the tube beneath the mesh belt will roll the products. While the ultrasonic wave from the foam breakup will strongly clean the products and remove the dirt and impurities. The water in this tank should be changed frequently.

4. Spiral blancherCleaned products enter the blancher and move forward in water, propelled by spiral blades. The water temp. is 98±2℃. To meet the blanching time of different kinds of vegetables, we adjust the spiral speed by inverter control, to meet specific blanching requirements.The spiral blancher is composed of a stainless steel spiral cylinder, tank with cover, driver, vapor pipe with accessories and water temperature detector etc.Installed power 1.5KW.

5. Normal water chillerThe normal water chiller cools the blanched vegetables quickly. Meanwhile it blows off impurities from the surface of the products. The products are delivered to the water tank via mesh belt and are cooled in the process.Install power: 1.5KW.

6. Ice water chillerCompletely filling the water tank prior to operation, starts liquid supply and suction valves and starts motor. When water temperature is below +5℃, the machine can be used for chilling. The product temperature will be approx. lower than +12℃. Drive motor power: 1.5KW.Water tank frame: 75×45×2mm. Motor for ice water circulating power 2.2KW.

7. Vibrating drainerThe frame is made of 75×45mm stainless steel tube. Stainless steel sheet with holes as drainer.High frequency vibrating for draining, reducing water that will be taken into the freezer, preventing products from sticking to each other.Vibrating drainer structure: stainless steel frame, elastic device, vibrating motor, and draining sheet.Install power 0.5KW.

8. Lifting conveyorLifting conveyor transports the products to vibrating feeder, and drain the water in the process.

9. Vibrating feederTo feed the products to fluidized freezer evenly.Main structure: frame, vibrating motor, feeding device.Motor: 0.25KW×2

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Fruit and vegetable



Instant/preserved Food


Prepared Meal