Case Studies
Pre-Proof Production Line For Croissant

The customer

WEDOME is a famous Chinese bakery chain enterprise founded in 1996 and headquartered in Beijing. Since its establishment,WEDOME has established more than 300 direct-sale chain stores in China, with modern central factories in Beijing, Shanghai and baotou, integrating "production", "distribution" and "sales". WEDOME ensures food safety with professional quality management system.

WEDOME has a wide range of products including French bread, biscuits,sweetheart pastry, egg tarts, birthday cakes, cheesecake, wedding cakes and business celebration cakes.

The requirement

At the new factory in Tianjin in 2019, WEDOME added a new croissant production line with capacity of 50,000 per hour to pre-proof frozen croissant dough.

The solution:

This project is the first domestic pre-proofed frozen dough project, which presents great challenges. Square Technology and Intralox of the United States work together to perfectly use the direct drive technology in this project.

Our engineering and application team tailor-made, installed and commissioned Quadruple -drum DDS spiral freezer forproofing and one single-drum DDS spiral freezer for freezing withfreezing capacity up to 50,000pcs for croissant dough.

The project features an 817mm wide stainless-steel conveyor belt, with total length of 2000m around five rotating drum of 74 tiers in total.

The freshly dough enter into spiral proofer at +25 degrees Celsius, and exit with temp. of 35 degrees Celsius. Then enter into spiral freezer exit with temp. of -18 degrees Celsius finally.

The diameter of all  the spiral drum reaches 5m. The temperature of spiralproofer is controlled at 33℃±1 and the humidity is controlled at 80%±1.5%. The spiralfreezerdesign can not only deal with the pre-proofed products and can also handle the unproofed products. It can flexibly adjust the outfeed temperature and to fulfill customer’s diversified demands.

The performance:

The line now runs perfectly and provides significant benefits in terms of product quality and consistency, productivity, reliability and sanitation.

Square designed, manufactured and installed the production line and we will maintain it at optimum performance for our customer throughout its working life.